PMStudy PMP Bootcamp Review

With so many different PMP Bootcamp providers out there, it’s difficult to know which one to select. After researching and weighing my options, I decided to go with PMStudy, and I didn’t regret my decision. I passed the exam – scoring above average in all but one of the five knowledge areas. And can tell you from first-hand experience that they provided a fantastic bootcamp course.

I would highly recommend PMStudy’s PMP bootcamp course to anyone!

Reasons Why I Selected PMStudy

Great Instructors – Before I enrolled in the bootcamp, I emailed several questions to Jack Ferguson, one of the instructors. Within a few hours, he called me to answer the questions. And he spent over an hour on the phone during the weekend, giving me advice and talking to me about the bootcamp. I knew he was genuinely concerned with my professional development more than ensuring that I enrolled in the bootcamp class. He even said, “Call me anytime, even if you go with a different PMP bootcamp provider.” This experience helped tip the scales over a competing PMP provider.

During the course, Jack was a great instructor. He knew the material very well, as you would expect, and he helped me understand the concepts. He was extremely friendly and ensured I knew how to best prepare for the bootcamp as well as for the PMP exam.

I’m assuming the other PMStudy instructors are equally great.

Companion Tools

Another significant deciding factor for me was the large amount of companion study materials that they include in the PMP Bootcamp course.

A PMP Online Course with 12 chapters (60 days of access). Each chapter included:

  • A series of training videos.
  • A study guide of key concepts with a downloadable PDF.
  • Glossary of terms / flashcards.
  • Podcast – a recording of someone reading the study guide.
  • Chapter test – lots of questions to test your knowledge. The answers also included explanation for the answers.

The online course had a mobile app that is iPhone and Android friendly. You could access the videos, study guides, etc. all from the app. I used this frequently so I could be studying while on the go instead of just being limited to when I was in front of the computer.

4 full, 200-question exam simulations. This is great because it was timed and is just like the actual exam.

A preparation course with 40 PDUs to help fulfill requirement to apply to take the exam.

In addition to all that, PMStudy’s bootcamp course also includes a bundled Risk Management Course with 20 PDUs that you can take after the exam. The earned PDUs can be used in PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements Program. So it’s a start in helping you maintain your credential.

Passing Rate and Speed in obtaining the PMP – For me, passing the exam on the first attempt was critical. I knew the exam was brutal and had a friend that had to retake the exam. I didn’t want to waste time and effort on re-taking the exam. I knew that PMStudy has a 98.7% success rate, with just over 1% having to retake the exam to pass. To me, those are pretty compelling numbers.

This was my timeline. Less than one month!

  • June 17 – Enrolled in the bootcamp course.
  • June 16 – July 5 – Took the prep course so I could apply to take the exam, took the online course and studied in advance of the bootcamp. During this time I memorized the process chart and the EMV formulas.
  • July 6 – 9 – PMP Bootcamp class.
  • July 11 – Took and passed the PMP exam in less than a month of preparation time!

Money-back Guarantee – Even if I didn’t pass on the first try, I took comfort in PMStudy’s 100% money-back guarantee. That was another big deciding factor.

Cost – While PMStudy wasn’t the cheapest bootcamp that I found, they weren’t the most expensive either. And they did offer a lot of additional value (online course, mobile app, prep course to fulfill PDU requirements, etc.) and those things all made a difference for me.

Additional Details that Make the PMStudy PMP Bootcamp Course Fantastic

Here’s a list of the major materials that you receive as a class participant.

  • Detailed Workbook – very easy to understand, with clear definitions and examples. Information in the workbook focuses on info pertinent to the passing the exam.
  • Helpful Process Chart – with additional notes unique to PMStudy to helping you understand the relationships between the processes and the key outputs / inputs.
  • Chapter Test Booklet – Questions, answers and explanations.
  • Final Test Booklet – Questions, answers and explanations.
  • Evaluation Test Booklet – This helps you know where you need to study more.

Zeroing In on Exam Content

One thing that I didn’t expect, but found extremely helpful during the PMStudy PMP boot camp class was their process for helping us focus on the most important information. They gave us two highlighters and had us highlight concepts that had a 90 percent chance of being on the exam in one color and other concepts that had a 50 percent chance of being on the exam in another color. This process really helped me know what to study and review prior to the exam.

Proven Methodology / Structure of the class

There’s no question, the bootcamp was intense, but it has to be in order to prepare you for the intense PMP exam. Here’s how the bootcamp was structured.

  • 4 days (Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu) with each day going from 8 am to 6 pm
  • Start of each day – 15-minute brain dump practice where we wrote out the process chart and EMV formulas by memory
  • Course instruction on one of the processes, focusing on the most important information and the process’ Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs (ITTOs).
  • Review the process with quiz questions.
  • Instruction on the next process and completion of the associated quiz.
  • Repeat the same procedure until all of the processes have been covered for a specific chapter.
  • Then we reviewed the chapter and took a chapter test (and reviewed the answers).
  • We then repeated that procedure for multiple chapters.
  • Our homework each night included reviewing each process and each chapter and then completing another chapter tests for each of the chapters we covered.
  • We covered all of the chapters within three days and used the fourth day to review, answer specific questions and focus on areas that were needed by the group.

Live Virtual Class vs. Classroom Experience

Some of you might be nervous and wondering about the quality of the instruction in PMStudy’s Live Virtual Bootcamp course. I was, but opted to take the course that way so I wouldn’t have to travel or pay for the expense of hotel, etc.

Now, after taking the Live Virtual Class, I can tell you that the quality didn’t suffer. The whole class was conducted over a video conference tool. I was able to interact with the instructor and the other class members, just like I would in a classroom setting. The only difference was that it was all online. I’m glad I chose that option.

Tell me what you think!

Comment below and let me know if this was helpful in making your decision. Did you also take the PMStudy bootcamp? What was your experience like?